Our offer

Whether you are an insurance, a large group or a healthcare authority, French Advanced Medicine offers you adapted solutions. As we do for individuals, we can establish a second opinion service or planning an entire medical stay for your nationals, insured or employees.

Second opinion

We offer a simple, efficient and precise second opinion service. With a complete medical file and a first diagnosis given by a doctor, we will transfer your request to an expert who will examine the patient file. The doctor will give his report and confirm or reject the first diagnosis.

According to the report, your nationals, insured and employees, will have the guarantee of a new eye and a more reliable diagnosis. They can choose to go on with the doctor who gave them the first diagnosis, or ask FAM to plan a consultation with the French doctor. Also, it is possible to set an appointment or a hospitalisation in France, in a carefully selected hospital.

Our offer is based on our health professionals’ network, composed of specialists reputed for their expertise. This way, you will save time and money by eliminating the unsuccessful and time consuming researches.

This service permits to reduce you hospitalisation fees: In some cases, a second opinion allows you to avoid an unnecessary hospitalisation, and though, reduce the care fees.

Medical treatment in France

French Advanced Medicine can also deal with your medical stay planning for your nationals, insured and employees.

In some cases, treatment needed could not be available in your country’s hospitals. Again, French Advanced Medicine can take over and find a doctor, a hospital or a clinic to treat perfectly your nationals, insured and employees. With its competitive prices, France benefit from an advanced and globally renowned medicine, accessible for everyone, even with the hospitalisation and the travel spending.

The international patient’s care requires a multicultural understanding of their special needs: welcome, support, adapted meals, bilingual staff, and more. French Advanced Medicine is committed to facilitate the settlement of that kind of services and will ensure your bill of specifications is respected to guarantee the patient’s care your way.

Thanks to our telemedicine platform, HighCare, you can have your own account with which you can manage the file flow in an optimal way. To access to our services, please complete the online form. An advisor will help you define your needs and configure your account.

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