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French Advanced Medicine was created by 4 experienced professionals who have worked in the Middle East health sector for many years. With their experience, they noticed people tend to get medical care outside of their home countries, however no institution was offering planning services for medical stays in France. FAM’s goal is to get the best possible services for professionals, institutions and patients.

Development of international relations within the Healthcare sector

The mission of FAM is to promote the French healthcare sector abroad by building a strong community involving many different medical institutions. We aim at making the French high-end hospital facility accessible to foreign patients. We aim at making the French high-end hospital facility accessible to foreign patients.

Partnerships with the best hospitals and professionals in France

French Advanced Medicine is partnering with the most qualified medical and surgical experts in France, who are carefully selected and enrolled in a continuous development of knowledge, especially in their field.

Close support to foreign patients during the whole medical process

Our multilingual team is used to operating in cross-cultural environments, being able to easily adapt to different nationalities and cultures. They will help you with medical submission process, ensure a post-treatment care and continue to help as an intermediary between you and the hospital.

An innovative and secured solution

French Advanced Medicine is engaged in the safety and confidentiality of datas. Our platform has been developed by our partner, Imalink medical, a telemedicine company, with the consent of the CNIL (The French Institution that protects personal data, supports innovation, preserves individual liberties) and is hosted by a server certified by HAS, the French National Authority for Health.

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Our values

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