Why request for a medical Check-up?


After the age of 40, the risks of cardiovascular diseases and cancer are increasing. Even though you may fell in good shape, a health check is recommended, thus you will be better informed on risks and it will enable you to manage your health capital.

The “Protestant Infirmary” provides health checkups to international customers willing to better manage their health, a real and determining factor in the quality of life.

This checkup will give you the opportunity to talk with a physician about subjects you might never have had the chance to talk about with your regular doctor. The aim is to prevent, screen for risk factors and uncover possible diseases and giving you the personalized support you may need with specialists of your choice.

Through a medical team with high level of skills and a comprehensive technological platform, you will receive a personalized checkup which will meet four major disease categories:

1 – Cardiovascular diseases: myocardial infarctions are hardly predictable and can occur in people having no prior symptoms.

2 – Nutritional diseases as overweight and diabetes …

3 – Nervous disorders defined by stressful episodes and overwork and breakdowns…

4 – Cancers: colon and prostate and lung and breast…

Average length of stay in Lyon of patients coming for Medical Check-up: 3 – 4 days

A medical checkup can be combined with some sightseeing or shopping



Infirmerie Protestante is a pluri-disciplinary healthcare facility, which provides comprehensive health care, and is able to treat pathologies falling into over 30 specialties. Patients coming for a Medical Check-up will be able to realize every exam on the same site.

The program of the Medical Check-up is optimized so that the patient can complete all the exams in only one day (one day and a half according the availabilities). A team dedicated to International patients will accompany you during the day and will answer to all your inquiries.

The modernity of the equipment and the caring environment of Infirmerie Protestante provide the best conditions to realize the Medical Check-up.

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Neurosurgery copie
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Ophtalmology copie
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The program of the medical check-up at the Infirmerie Protestante


Medical Check Up program

Cost of the medical check-up : 3 200 €

Fares include:

  • The entire program of exams described in the table above
  • Consultations with a practitioner from Infirmerie Protestante
  • FAM’s assistance : Transfers between the accommodation in Lyon and the Infirmerie Protestante at the admission and at the end of the exams
  • Organisation of the stay in Lyon and booking of conciergerie services (on request)

How benefit from the medical check-up ?


  1. Complete the FAM’s contact form
  2. Pay the total amount
  3. Complete the medical survey received by email
  4. Plan your date of exams with Infirmerie Protestante