Complementary expertise

We offer to Health professionals the possibility to benefit from a complementary advice from another specialist. If there is any doubt on a diagnosis, French Advanced Medicine is here to help ! Through our large professional network, we can guarantee a second opinion for all pathologies, even the rare ones ! Your patients will benefit from an expertise of quality within your own structure. The relation with experts in all kind of specialities will allow you to optimise and extend your services.

This offer is available in a few clicks :

With a personalised access to our telemedicine platform HighCare, you can submit as many requests as you want. Our team will do everything to find the right specialist for the second opinion. With our numerous partnerships with Healthcare public and private facilities, we can give an answer in a few days only !

Contact us and try out our service now ! We will configure your account together and establish a tailored partnership.

Patient doctor

International Cooperation

You need to reinforce your expertise in a healthcare field or you want to externalise an entire service ?

French Advanced Medicine can help you setting up a medical cooperation with a French healthcare facility.

Thanks to its large professional network and its skills in terms of international projects extension, French Advanced Medicine is an ally for the inter-professional cooperation structuring.

French Advanced Medicine guarantees the application of your requirements specification and establishes collaboration based on four major lines:


A telemedicine platform

French Advanced Medicine, in partnership with a company of telemedicine platform development, can guide you during the establishment of your different development projects.

We can offer you to conceive a tailored tool, according to your needs and the expected features. This tool will be configured according to protocols set up by the health partner and will facilitate the application of these measures within your organisation.

Your centre will benefit the French standards in terms of diagnosis, patient’s care, surgical techniques, aftercare and more.

Your patients’ care

Being in partnership with a French hospital or clinic is also a guarantee that your patients can be treated in France if it is not possible in your own structure.

A hospital engaged in a partnership has the will to develop a multicultural understanding of the patient’s care: welcome, support, adapted meals, bilingual staff, and more. French Advanced Medicine is committed to facilitate the settlement of that kind of services and will ensure that your requirements specification is respected to guarantee the patient’s care your way.

Expertise exchange

The cooperation includes a «continuing education» which allows both health structures to share their skills and expertise.

Conferences, demonstrations and surgeries will be planned in your hospital by highly-qualified doctors and professors.

Activity guidance

Establishing a medical cooperation with French Advanced Medicine and a French hospital may help you organise your activity.

We can advise you in many fields: quality optimisation, governance and managing changes, etc. within every type of health services (surgery, medicine, emergency, palliative care…) or every kind of health facility.


Some examples of cooperation between you and French partners that can benefit you :

Paediatric oncology, Tele radiology, Severely burned patients care service, etc…

For further information, please contact French Advanced Medicine. An advisor will help you define your project.