Benefit from the advice of an expert!

Any doubts on your diagnosis? Instead of searching the right doctor on your own, French Advanced Medicine can help you find the most adapted specialist according to your medical file. He can confirm a previous diagnosis as well as reassuring you concerning your treatment. Based on a complete file, our doctors can guarantee a swift answer after receiving the medical information.

How to choose the expert?

It can be very difficult to choose a new doctor when you look for a second opinion. Moreover, you might need to wait for several weeks or months to get an appointment with a doctor whereas you expect a quick answer to your doubts.

Thanks to the Medical advisors working within our company, French Advanced Medicine can recommend for you an expert that will be able to answer all your questions. All specialists recommended by French Advanced Medicine work in the hospitals partnering with us and selected for their criteria of excellence.


How does it work?

Save time without travelling!

French Advanced Medicine has created, in partnership with a strong operator in the telemedicine industry, a secured platform that matches the requirements of the French Health Authority (HAS) and the CNIL (Protection of data) in terms of data security and privacy.

Doctors, hospital administrator, FAM and patients can exchange together, for the greatest benefit of the patient.

You can submit your request and your medical report in a few clicks….With this platform your registration is fast, easy and secured.

What does this service include?

  • FAM chooses the most qualified expert
  • Diagnosis by a specialist
  • Service delivered between 48h and 8 days
  • Possibility to exchange online with the doctor
  • Online follow up through the platform HighCare

Price : 300 €

Creation of your own account


We invite you to login into our secure platform, HighCare, in order to submit easily you request.

You simply need to enter your personal information, email address and a password.

Each time you log into our platform, you will receive a security code, which guarantees safety of your data!

Choose the service requested


Whether it is for a hospitalisation, a medical opinion or a complete check-up, the process to submit your request will be very easy!

You simply need to enter the type of service you want and the platform will guide you.

Enter your medical information

Please complete all requested information and provide the most medical information possible in order to help practitioners to answer at best : exams’ analysis, medical reports, medical family backgrounds, imaging files, etc.

We can download common files, such as PDF, photos, word, excel, etc. Regarding imaging files, our platform will automatically recognize imaging pictures and video that you will import from your CDs.

Confirmation & paiement

Once you have entered all information, please make sure that they are all correct, given that they are determinant to realize an accurate diagnosis.

After validating your application, you will be asked to pay the total amount.

Our team will be automatically noticed by your request and will get in touch with you in the best delays.

Receive our proposition 


Whether it is a medical opinion or a costs estimation for a hospitalisation, you will be automatically informed by mail and you will be able to consult our proposition in your personnel account.